Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick and Easy...Show Appreciation

What you need to buy:
1- Snicker Bar
1- Pack of Lifesavers
1- Pack of Gummy Bears
1- Mint
1- Handful of Hershey Kisses

Put them all in a bag, and present them with a card that says:

Dear Teacher,
Don't SNICKER but I think that you are great!
You truly are a LIFESAVER.
You make me feel BEARY special.
Thanks a MINT for all you do!
Lots of KISSES,

Sign your name...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make Leprechaun Pudding

For St. Patrick's day (or to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday)

Make some green leprechaun pudding (or Oobleck to eat!)
Here's the link.

Easy Butterfly Life Cycle Craft

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly.

First it's an egg, then a caterpillar.

Then it becomes a chrysalis.

Now it is a butterfly.

To create, glue, staple or tape four circles to a thin strip of black paper (so it looks like the caterpillar). Then fold it one way to make the egg and pupa, and the other way to make the butterfly.