Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Harvest Party

As many parents and educators know, Halloween-themed classroom parties are a thing of the past.  When Autumn arrives, it is time to celebrate the Fall Harvest.  Here a few ideas.

Easy Toilet Paper Pumpkin:
Using a 15" x 15" square of festive fabric, you cover a roll of toilet paper.  This website has the directions to the craft, but in lieu of the brown paper roll, we used actual thick branches from a tree (about an inch thick). We also skipped using the batting.  We had the felt leaves and pipe cleaners prepared ahead of time, and the Kindergartners could complete the craft in about 15 minutes. Have masking tape on hand to label the pumpkins with their name.

Pumpkin Painting:
Stop at a pumpkin stand and ask the owner for a deal on the number of pumpkins you need for your classroom.  Allow each child to tempera paint a small, softball sized pumpkin.  Use a permanent marker to write their names on the pumpkin prior to painting it. Send them home in a plastic shopping bag (in case paint is not dried or begins to peel.)  Also don't forget to encourage the use of paint shirts.

Paper Bag Pumpkin:
(photo from
This is an easy project.  Using a brown paper lunch bag and a green piece of string, you can create a paper bag pumpkin. If you use orange paint to color the bag...stuff the bags ahead of time.  Or use crayons to color the bag and have the kids stuff them as part of the process. Directions can be found here 

Hoola Hoop Toss:
Place 3 to 5 pumpkins, in a variety of sizes, in an open area (the classroom carpet works great for this activity).  Have the kids toss 3 to 5 hoola hoops over the pumpkins.

Bozo's Grand Prize Game "Pumpkin Style":
Either purchase 5 to 10 fall-themed buckets or cover some ice cream buckets with fall colored construction paper.  Have the children line up and toss a bean bag into each bucket.  For younger children, five buckets are the way to go.

Keep snacks simple and healthy.  Kraft and FamilyFun have a variety of great "Halloween" and "Fall" themed ideas.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog this morning, and I LOVE all of your ideas and resources. Your fall harvest party post from a few years ago is perfect for this month!

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    Ann Saylor