Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Crafts

Pumpkin Lanterns
Materials needed:
12" x 18" orange construction paper
9" x 12" green construction paper
red, yellow, and black construction paper scraps

Teacher Prep:
1.  Fold the orange paper in half to make a 6" x 18" rectangle.
2.  Measure 2" in from the open edge and draw an 18" line across the paper.
3.  Draw lines 1" apart between the fold of the paper and the 18" line.
4.  Prep the handle: cut 1 1/2" x 12" strip of green construction paper,
For the kids:

1.  Cut on the lines, starting at the fold.  Do not cut all the way through.
2.  Unfold the paper, bend it into a cylinder, and staple the side edges together.
3.  Add the handle for the lantern, staple the strip in an arc to the top edge of the lantern.
4.  Add the eyes, nose and mouth for the lantern, using scraps of construction paper

Love This Pumpkin
This idea comes from  I used this as one of the craft centers for our Fall Harvest Party.  I pre-cut and pre-punched holes in the strips.  Kids assembled them.  I put out a variety of colors (orange, red, green, yellow) so that they could make apples or pumpkins.  Some the kids put faces on them, and others mixed and matched the colors.  The kids had fun with this fun and quick project. 
My Variation:

Scarecrow Craft
Using Popsicle sticks, the kids can create a neat craft to hang on your door.

You will need:
7 craft sticks
8 yellow craft sticks
foam for kids to cut and add as decoration
Googley eyes
Pre-cut hats
Glue on a plate with q tips
 Permanent Markers

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