Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wonderful Winter Party

Games: Relay Race (a.k.a. Reindeer Games)
Materials: small marshmallows (I used pink stars)
               Antler headband (at dollar store)
               Two Cones (or something to run around)
               A garbage can nearby
               A bowl for the marshmallows
               (to be located near garbage can)

How to play :
1.  Divide the kids into two groups (of about 3-4 kids each team). 
2.  Give each child a marshmallow to lick and stick to their forehead.
3.  Give the first person in each team an antler headband.
4. The students must walk down, and around the cone and back, without dropping their marshmallow, while wearing the antlers.
                 **If they do drop their marshmallow, have them pick it up, throw it out and get a new one, and return to the race.
5. Upon crossing the finish line, eat the marshmallow off the forehead, and pass the antlers to the next person in line on your team.
6.  Go to the back of your team line and sit down.

Rules you might want to mention:

No eating marshmallows off the ground. No sharing marshmallows.
          You must walk the entire race (if you are in the classroom).
          You can not use your hands to keep the antlers or marshmallows on your head.

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