Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coordinate Volunteers Online

Interested in using technology to sign up volunteers? 
Here are few resources.
Keep in mind that not all families are connected to the internet.


This looks fantastic.
Has anyone used this product before?
Would you recommend it? 
I think that this calls for a trip to the bookstore to check it out. 
(Andrews McMeel Publishing)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have been asked to include a few sample letters. Hope these help.

Create a letter like this, and give it to the teacher to send out. 
Sample Room Mom Introduction Letter

A month before the party, I send out a letter like this.
Sample Party Flyer: Request for Volunteers

At least two weeks prior to the party, I send out this.
Sample Confirmation of Volunteers

Then, two or three days before the party, I send out email reminders.

So, You're the New Room Mom. Now What?

You went to "Welcome Back to School" night, and 
signed up to be the Room Parent.
Now what?

If this is your first time, here are a few things will want to do.

1. Find out what your duties will be.
Will it be only planning parties? Will you act as a liaison between PTO and classroom parents?Are you in charge of  Teacher Appreciation Events? Are you required to attend field trips?

2.  Get a class list from the teacher.

3. Ask about any allergies that are present in the classroom.  You do not need to know who, you just need to know what triggers the allergic reactions so that you can avoid these items. (Also, ask about bringing homemade goods vs. store bought goods and if volunteering parents are allowed to bring younger siblings to the parties.)

4. Ask the teacher for a list of classroom celebration that you will be in charge of planning.

5. Ask about how the celebrations are financed. (Sometimes it is parent donations, and sometimes the PTO will supply each classroom with a party budget).

6. Ask if there are any other duties that you may be responsible for (book orders, graduation, etc...)

7. Get permission to send out an introduction letter to the parents.

8.  Then, write the introduction letter, including your email address, encouraging the parents to email you with their interest in participating in the classroom's celebrations.

9.  Give the letter to the teacher so s/he can proof it, make copies and send it home with the kids.

10.  Now, check your email daily.

(HINT) 11. Coordinate the year ahead of time, I hope to use one or to organize my volunteers. It works well if you can get most of the families to sign on. If not, using the old email and phone calls will do the trick.

Welcome Back!

It's that time of year again.  Around here, school has already started (gotta love that year 'round school schedule). If you are looking for a few back to school are a few simple ideas.

Excited about the First Day
Give your teacher a bottle of water or a new water bottle with a label/card that reads "I just can't keep it "bottled up"....I'm so excited to begin Second Grade!

Go Old School....
Bring a big, red, juicy apple for the teacher on the first day!
It's the thought that counts.