Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome Back!

It's that time of year again.  Around here, school has already started (gotta love that year 'round school schedule). If you are looking for a few back to school ideas...here are a few simple ideas.

Excited about the First Day
Give your teacher a bottle of water or a new water bottle with a label/card that reads "I just can't keep it "bottled up"....I'm so excited to begin Second Grade!

Go Old School....
Bring a big, red, juicy apple for the teacher on the first day!
It's the thought that counts.

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  1. I gave my daughter's teacher a "Teacher Survival Kit". I put everything in a basket and attached the contents list on the outside with some ribbon. It goes like this:

    Teacher's Survival kit
    Band-Aid - For when things get a little rough.
    Crayon - to color your day bright and cheerful.
    Candle - for when you are up late grading papers.
    Ear Plugs - when you just can't take anymore.
    Eraser - to remind you everyone makes mistakes and they can be erased.
    Hershey Hugs - for when you need a hug.
    Jewel - because you are so precious.
    Lifesaver: For when you've had one of those days.
    Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost.
    Mounds Bar - for the mounds of confidence you give your students.
    Paperclip - to hold it all together.
    Peanuts: To get a little nutty.
    Puzzle Piece - without you the class wouldn't be complete.
    Rubber band - to remind you to be flexible.
    Starburst - to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it.

    I also made survival kits for each child in her class. They all loved them!