Friday, January 28, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

 Teacher Appreciation Week for 2011 is May 2-May 6th.
Here are a few ideas! It's not too early to start planning!

Year Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher Appreciation Day
2009 May 4 - May 8 Tuesday, May 5
2010 May 3 - May 7 Tuesday, May 4
2011 May 2 - May 6 Tuesday, May 3
2012 May 7 - May 11 Tuesday, May 8
2013 May 6 - May 10 Tuesday, May 7
2014 May 5 - May 9 Tuesday, May 6
2015 May 4 - May 8 Tuesday, May 5

 If you haven't checked out HERE.
Each day, this company offers free item with free personalization (you pay the shipping and handling).
Here are the pen and teacher stamp that I created.  I paid a total of: $6.50.  What a deal!


  1. The book Miss Martin is a Martian is a perfect gift to give a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week. It is a about a boy who is convinced that his teacher is a Martian but in the end believes she is a superhero instead. It won a Notable Book Award and the Principal's MEMSPA Children's Book Award. You can check it out at or on Amazon.