Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Love Bug

The idea to create a LOVE BUG was inspired from a visitor
 to our Facebook page.

This specific idea comes from:

A Creative Way to Say Thank You!

Looking for a creative and inexpensive way to say THANK YOU?
Check this out!
(This idea is borrowed from Tales of a Volunteer Teacher:

Teacher Appreciation Week

 Teacher Appreciation Week for 2011 is May 2-May 6th.
Here are a few ideas! It's not too early to start planning!

Year Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher Appreciation Day
2009 May 4 - May 8 Tuesday, May 5
2010 May 3 - May 7 Tuesday, May 4
2011 May 2 - May 6 Tuesday, May 3
2012 May 7 - May 11 Tuesday, May 8
2013 May 6 - May 10 Tuesday, May 7
2014 May 5 - May 9 Tuesday, May 6
2015 May 4 - May 8 Tuesday, May 5

 If you haven't checked out HERE.
Each day, this company offers free item with free personalization (you pay the shipping and handling).
Here are the pen and teacher stamp that I created.  I paid a total of: $6.50.  What a deal!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Make and Take your own Fossils

Make your own Fossil:
Model Magic Clay 
(Michael's and JoAnn's sell the large tub.....don't forget your 40%off coupon.)
Objects to press into the clay to create fossils. 
(shells and other textured objects work well)
Watercolor Paints

This project works great because the students can take their projects home before they are thoroughly dried. I just put them into sandwich bags and tell them to take them out to dry at home. 

We have also made pencil toppers with this product. 
Photo and directions are located here. 

This clay also works great for other projects.  If you are not familiar with this product, check it out here! It dries in 24 hours, is not too messy, can be colored with markers or paint.  We love to blend a small portion of clay with a few dabs of marker to create colored clay.  It also floats when dried.  Wonderful stuff!

Spring Caterpillar Pencils

Pencil craft: Create a caterpillar pencil

Materials:  a variety of medium sized pom-poms, pencils, google eyes, and crafts glue (I prefer Aleenes Tacky Glue).